I Can Get Internet at the Old Farm House I Just Purchased

I grew up many hours from the largest city, and I longed for that life for so many years as an adult. Things are quiet out in the country, and the beauty of nature calls out to me in so many ways that never-ending concrete, dirty streets, and miles of cheesy advertising signs on every block do not. So, when I rushed to purchase an old farm house I saw for sale in my old home town, I was so happy to see that I could get Hughesnet satellite Internet if I chose to after moving in. I was also glad to see that I can get cable, and even newspaper service is daily in the area, too.

Like I said, I grew up in a quiet area. And part of the reason it was so quiet is because people just did not have a need to move more quickly on many things. We did not need a mall because we would stock up on what we needed.

Expanding by Building a New Gas Station Convenience Store Across Town

My dad always dreamed of owning a gas station. I was just turning 16 when him and mom decided to go into business together and start a neighborhood gas station. Back then you might have been able to buy a soda and a candy bar with your gas. Sometimes the gas stations sold cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products. Much of the time it was just gas and a soda machine. Over the years we turned dad’s gas station into a convenience and fuel center. Now we wanted to build another one. We got a gas station appraisal for a property at a major intersection so we could interest the banks in giving us loans.

The property had been up for sale for about a year. It was too big for some of the businesses that wanted to build on it, and too small for the others. This property was perfect for a gas station convenience store type of set up. I thought getting the studies done so we could get building permits was tough.

Will a Vaporizer Help You Quit Smoking

all photographs by tsuneaki hiramatsu I have been thinking about trying to figure out the best way to quit smoking or at least stop inhaling the real tobacco smoke. I know that a vape is going to give you the nicotine, but not all of the noxious stuff that you get cancer and heart disease and all of the other bad outcomes you can get from smoking. I was looking at a Firefly vaporizer review: it’s not what you think! I am wondering whether or not a vaporizer help you quit smoking. I am thinking that I am going to be able to quit in stages. Of course the idea is pretty basic in reality. You have the bad habit of smoking and you can not give it up easily because you are addicted to the nicotine in the cigarettes.

Diets That Help with Gout

I am starting to develop problems with gout, and I am afraid that it is going to really change my life if I can’t stop this disease and reverse its course. My hands are already starting to become disfigured from the inflammation associated with gout. That has led me to look up information on craysor.com on dairy and gout and try to learn about different foods that can help to prevent gout and to get rid of it, once you have already started to develop it.

I am not sure if the debilitation that has already occurred can be reversed. But at the least, I think that steps can be taken to ensure that it does not get worse than it already is. I have seen people with really severe gout, and often times they look like they have barely functional hands.

Security System Providers in Asheville

I am opening up a small business in Asheville and even though this is a pretty nice area, I am going to try to get a security system for the business. I just want to be extra careful with this business, because I have put so much time and money into opening it. I don’t want it to be ruined for me. Anyway, I am reading about ADT security systems right now, and from everything I have right thus far, I think that they would be the best bet for me to get a security system from.

I want to go ahead and call them tomorrow early in the morning, so we can talk prices and features that are available. I am sure that they have some different options when it comes to the sophistication available in the security system.

Relaxing with an Electronic Cigarette

I made an attempt to quit cigarettes using gum a few months ago, but I was having trouble, so I decided that it might be a better idea to try it with an e-cigarette. I really didn’t know anything about e-cigarettes, but a friend of mine had a bit of knowledge on the subject, so I asked him for advice. My friend mentioned that I might want to look at a review of the Ego T e cigarette, because it might be just the e-cigarette for me.

A simple online search led me to a review of the e-cigarette. The review of the cigarette was particularly positive, and it even recommended the cigarette was a perfect choice for beginners. Keeping this in mind, I took a chance and ordered the e-cigarette.

Until the cigarette arrived, I had to continue using my gum. I really didn’t like the taste of the gum, but it gave me the nicotine fix I needed and helped me avoid smoking cigarettes. It felt as if I could feel every minute go by as I waited for the package containing my order to arrive. After one day, the package arrived and I frantically tore it open.

I read the instructions for the e-cigarette and loaded it with one of the included cigarette flavors. Taking my first puff from the e-cigarette was an interesting experience. I didn’t know what to expect beyond what I had experienced with a regular cigarette, and when the flavored vapor hit me, it was like nothing I had ever felt. It was delicious and relaxing at the same time. At that moment, I threw away all of my remaining gum, sat back in my recliner and puffed on the e-cigarette for an hour. It was so good, but I eventually had to stop because I needed to go to work.

Started Investigating the Best Vapes to Try

DaVinci Vaporizer - 34% DiscountI am going to try a vape based on what I have been hearing from some friends of mine. Of course at the end of the day you have not gotten rid of the nicotine addiction, but it is my hope to give up the most unhealthy components of the tobacco smoke. From all that I understand nicotine has some health risks, but you get the most health impact from tar and the other stuff that is in the smoke. I have been looking at how a firefly vape has retro styling and thinking that it is a pretty nice design and it advances me toward the final goal as well or better than any of the other options open to me. I have tried the gum and the patch.

Foreign Investment In Minha Casa Minha Vida Continues To Rise

Ask any investment advisor or company or go and browse any alternative investment news website and the main topic is Brazilian real estate investments, and the main focus is the governments Minha Casa, Minha Vida (My House My Life) programme. But why all the interest in the country? and what is this programme all about? There is currently a massive property boom going on in all of Brazil’s main cities and it’s being fuelled by the demand for affordable residential housing.

Brazil’s economy has improved a great deal in recent years and is now the 6th largest economy in the world, there has also been a swift increase in general wealth of it’s people . This has meant an unparalleled demand for reasonably priced housing. The rapidly growing middle classes, for one thing, have needed many more affordable homes to purchase than were previously available. Coupled with this is the situation of those whose present accommodation is sadly unsatisfactory or below standard.

The solution to this housing shortage was an idea first put onto the table by the previous president of Brazil Lula da Silva way back in 2008 which was to build affordable housing for the growing middle classes and to have set sale prices, one hundred percent mortgages provided by Brazil’s federal bank and strict rules for purchase of a property to avoid these homes being bought and sold by the wrong people who were simply out to make a profit and to make certain that these homes went to middle class Brazilian families who needed then and who previously had little hope of getting onto the property ladder. The programme was finally launched 2009 and was welcomed both by the Brazilian media and the public. The name given to this programme was Minha Casa Minha Vida, which translates to my house, my life. Within the programmes first year tens of thousands of homes were built and sold and the scheme was seen as a huge success. Now approaching it’s forth year interest in the programme by foreign investors has grown significantly with investors from the United Kingdom, the United States, Asia and the Middle East investing heavily in the programme.

The reason that this programme is so popular with investors from around the world is that is marketed as the safest foreign real estate investment currently available, the programme is a backed by the Brazilian federal government and there are millions of families on the waiting list so that once a home is completed it is instantly sold and the investors funds, plus profits are returned, usually within 12 months. Investment is through actually developers who are building the homes and not through a third party investment company.

With any popular investment, once it is well known enough all the conmen and dodgy investment companies seem to come out of the woodwork keen to take your money and then vanish, so be cautious and bear in mind these simple points that could save you from being a victim of a con. You should be investing direct with a developer and not an investment company, the developer will use your investment to build one or more units and return your investment plus profit in around 12 months, minimum investment is usually between 23,000 and 25,000 and because the final sale price of these properties is set by the Brazilian federal government your profit is set also and genuine companies are offering between 18% and 22% depending on how many units you invest in, a company offering a too good to be true return on investments ( I’ve seen one dodgy company claiming 80% ROI) should be avoided like the plague.

In summary, anyone wanting to Invest in Brazil and it’s booming economy should consider Minha Casa Minha Vida Social Housing Investments, if your cautious and fully research who your investing through you can turn a tidy profit from this safe and secure investment.

International Bad Debt- Must Go With It To Sort All Problems

How can we forget out money which we have given in advance or on credit basis? Obviously, we have full right to get the same on time and the full amount which we decided earlier.


But, most of the cases and most of the small, medium and big companies always get in touched with bad debts. Yes, these are the bad debts, which the company unable to recover from their clients, due to various issues. May be there has been an agreement problem, client personal or professional problem, parties dispute and many other issues, but overall, all want to have their money back at any cost, isn’t?

Who can help us to get our money back?

We are around with most of the companies which are interested in Bad Debt Purchase, but the best are few. In this, if you are looking to sell a portfolio or sell out bad debt, no matter how complex or simple condition you have, the best and professional agency will be pleasure to do so. Yes, this is the best thing to get at least some part of the money out of bad debt amount, which for you, is very hard to do so. Thus, you can better search out the best company like or surely to hire- CashYourClaim and get ready to lesson down your entire tension, in NO TIME.

This process is the best to go, as you don’t need to put more efforts and in 24 hours you can easily get some part of the money, which will help you up in doing continuous business. Thus, make sure, to get the best back up which always ready to help you in any condition.

If you have any international debtor, and he is not paying to you or ignoring, you can better opt those who are dealing with International Bad Debt and help you out in fetching your bad debt money easily and professionally. Yes, the best agency knows various tactics on how to convince both the party without meeting or facing each other and provide great solution which can be the win-win situation for all. Yes, they are pro in this field and well-aware with all the formalities, legal issues, and many other things, which is required to crack the deal as expected.

Bad Debt For Cash finally, is very easy to do, as this is the only thing, which can help us to run business successfully without affecting non-payment of bills from our clients or debtors. Once, you’ll meet up with a responsible company, you’ll get various tricks and alternatives, which will help you up from this kind of situation as well as guide you the best to boost up your company and its operations by recovering money of time.

The Basics Of Contrarian Investing

Do you consider yourself distinct from the crowd? Do you hate doing what everyone around you does? If you’ve answered yes both times, then you might be a contrarian investor for all you know.

What is contrarian investing, you might ask? Well, as the name suggests, it’s an investment style that goes against prevailing market trends. The market can be a harsh place for any investor, and it comes as no surprise that many prefer to follow market trends and cycles. And this is exactly what a contrarian investor banks on.

A contrarian investor assumes that the majority of the trend-followers don’t really know what they’re doing. Inevitably, as a market trend begins to unforeseeably buckle and reverse, these investors are fleeced to the bone. Contrarian investors, however, follow their deepest convictions, and don’t really care much about market sentiment beyond a certain point.

Essentially, while the majority decides to look for the best stocks to invest in, contrarian investors look to find the most ignored ones.

Ugly Is Beautiful

Just like value investors pick out the best value stocks from a large portfolio, contrarian investors pick out the ugliest stocks possible. A contrarian investor looks for the gold buried beneath the garbage. At any given time, during bullish market conditions, a true contrarian’s portfolio would seem to be almost worthless. The moment the market turns, however, those seemingly unprofitable stocks would most-likely shoot straight through the roof. The contrarian investors investing style is unlike that of a fundamental investor who looks at a company’s financials and core business model.

If you’re interested in contrarian investing, you need to gain mastery over market timing. When you’re dealing in big numbers, missing a moment might sometimes mean missing a million.

Digging Beneath The Surface

A contrarian investor knows that what he hears or sees on the news is already stale; it’s only for those who follow the beaten path. Instead, he looks for those areas of the market that are steadily being ignored. The moment these market sectors breakout, he’s already swimming in a fortune.

Tips and investment advice, according to a contrarian investor, are sweet nothings that get you nowhere. Relying solely on their personal judgement, contrarian investors pour through endless data sheets to find their best options. If an investor finds that a stock market bubble is on the horizon, he does not shy away from making money. Instead, he would buy stocks while prices were still rising, and then sell them at their peak, before the market is about to crash.

Living In Utter Solitude

A true contrarian investor is always lonely, as each of his decisions end up being starkly different from those made by other investors. The best ones are those who make the most original investments—ones that couldn’t have possibly been spotted by a normal investor. Because they end up looking for opportunity in the unlikeliest of places, contrarian investors are generally lone wolves.

Above all, the ideal contrarian investor is generally one who has deep insight into prevailing and future market conditions. However, a contrarian style of investing doesn’t really suit everyone. If you’re not comfortable being on your own while investing, then it’s unlikely that you’ll become a good contrarian investor. So, it’s essential to gauge your own temperament and understanding of finance before picking an investment style.

How to Choose a Platinum Charge Card in India

http://images.articlesbase.com/categories_en/22/179/007_220x185.jpg?i=49600It can be difficult to choose a platinum charge card. With so many competing brands, services and loyalty programs, how can you be sure which one is right for you? More specifically, how can you know you’re getting the best deals as an Indian citizen or traveller? Here are just a few things to look for in platinum cards in India.

Many credit cards and charge cards run on a points-based system where cardholders are rewarded a certain number of points for dining, shopping or flying with approved brands. It should be noted, however, that some systems are more generous than others. Some cards only offer two points for every Rs.100 spent; others may offer double points during particular times or triple points from certain vendors. Be sure to read the fine print before deciding on a card.

How can you redeem your points once you’ve accumulated them? What gifts and services are waiting on the other side of the door? You’ll want to find a card that offers prizes you’ll actually enjoy or services that will be genuinely useful to you. For example, if your job often takes you abroad, you might want to find platinum charge cards where 10,000 points equals a free flight.

Complimentary Services

Platinum charge cards are all about perks, so it’s in your best interest to find one that offers “extras” you can appreciate. Here are just a few common ways that platinum programs reward their members:

  • Hotel concierge services
  • Early check-ins and late check-outs
  • Special amenities
  • Access to airport lounges
  • Complimentary flight upgrades
  • Free gifts on birthdays or holidays

All of these services are nice, but which ones will be the most useful to you? Figure out your priorities and you’ll be one step closer to choosing a charge card.

Travel Services

International platinum cards usually come with some sort of umbrella protection for travellers. They may provide things like emergency service assistance for people overseas or a 24-hour hotline for those need. If you want to feel protected from Mumbai to Bangalore, make sure you find a platinum card that offers travel services.

Exclusive Offers

Last but certainly not least, look for benefit in your card that you can’t find anywhere else. Does the company offer exclusive deals and discounts for cardholders? Will you have a place at invitation-only events? If you’re torn between two cards, excellent seats at the Salt Lake Stadium might be enough to push you off the fence.

These are just a few things to keep in mind when choosing a platinum charge card in India. You might have hundreds of options, but only a few will be right for you, so take your time and figure out which charge card best suits your needs.

What Are The Circumstances Under Which You Can Make A Car Accident Claim?

Today car accidents are rising phonemically because the number of vehicles on the road has risen tremendously. In the event of an accident, the resulting repair and medical expenses are very high. The only thing that helps out in such circumstance is car insurance. It offers coverage for different types of losses, thus helping you and your family to cope with unexpected situations when they arise.

Car Insurance Protects You from Any Unexpected Incident On The Roads

The law deems it mandatory to have car insurance before taking the vehicle on the roads. So, if you have purchased a new vehicle, make sure that you go to the insurance desk alongside and apply for it right away. You can also do online application which saves time and efforts. It enables you to get coverage instantly. Once the online application form is submitted policy documents will be sent to your email id or postal address in a week’s time. In the event of an unexpected incident, you can make a car accident claim.

How To Make A Claim?                  

Filing a claim is easy. Just visit the insurance company’s website and look into their claims form. Fill it up with accurate details and alongside submit other documents that the company’s requires as proof. The company will review your claims form and documents. Money will be sent in the shortest possible time so that you can make payments. Accident is not the only reason for which you can make a claim. A claim can be made if your vehicle was damaged by man-made or natural disaster.  It can be made in case third party liability arises or in the event of personal accident.

 What Is The Best Car Insurance Policy?

When applying for car insurance you might have noticed that there are different plans are available. What the best car insurance in India?  A basic plan will offer minimal but vital coverage.  However this may not be enough as you will need protection against further risks that you are likely to face on the road.  Hence it is best to customize your policy with add-ons. Example of add-ons are  cover for towing expenses, cover for lost key and emergency fuel, depreciation cover, medical expenses cover and much more. The more add-ons you opt the higher protection you get from the unexpected on the roads. Hence a good car policy is one that offers not just the basic protection, but also is customized through important add-ons that helps bring down costs considerably.

In the event that you decide to sell your car and there is existing insurance on it, don’t worry. You can transfer it to the new owner of the vehicle.

What Is 2 Wheeler Insurance And Why Should You Opt For It?

A two wheeler is an economic and convenient mode of transport. Apart from convenience of travelling, it has today become a part of our lifestyle owing to the swanky racing models available in the market. However do you stop to think about risks that you are likely to face on the roads?  No.  The reality is that on the roads, you are susceptible to an accident or your bike might get damaged. The result is enormous expenses which cannot be managed by you alone. It is in such situations the 2 wheeler insurance proves to be useful.


What Are The Many Ways In Which Bike Insurance Offers Protection?

It offers protection against so many losses thus enabling you and your family to cope with an unexpected situation when it arises. By mitigating costs, it saves you from unexpected financial losses because today with rising repair costs, even a small dent will be difficult to repair.   Here is a look at the many ways in which it pays out:

  • It covers for damage to vehicle caused by accident
  • It pays for damage to vehicle caused by man-made or natural disasters
  • It pays for third party liability expenses
  • It pays for losses arising from a personal accident
This is the basic cover offered by the policy. There are many add-ons that you can opt to increase protection.  The cost of premium increases with the add-ons that you take but they helps to bring down so many sundry expenses that you are likely to incur when an unexpected situation arises on the roads.  Bike insurance cover is applicable for any factory fitted gadget also. However, if you have fitted the bike with your own gadgets, you need to apply insurance cover separately for it.

Transfer of Policy

Bike insurance is transferable.  If you are getting a new bike to replace the old one, transfer the policy to the person who has just brought your old vehicle.

Cost Of Policy

A basic bike insurance policy is inexpensive, but as you opt for add-ons the policy cost will rise. You can find out cost of policy by using the bike insurance calculator available in the insurance company’s website. Just fill it with necessary details and it will bring up the cost. You can proceed to fill the online application form to get coverage. At the time of policy renewal, you can complete it online.  Online application is easy and it saves time, efforts. You can quickly get coverage. No need to go to the insurance company for availing insurance benefits or fill up huge paper forms.

What is a Commercial Bank?

A commercial bank is a financial institution set up and designed with the purpose of delivering financial services to the wider public. The term can also be applied more specifically to a division or branch of a larger bank, which deals with medium to large corporations, providing financial services tailored to the needs of that type of client. In The U.S. the term commercial bank is used to distinguish from an investment bank, which operates under different regulations and towards slightly different goals. With recent deregulation however, some commercial banks now provide investment bank financial services.

Role Of A Commercial bank

The role of commercial banks in the economy today is a vital one. They serve a wide range of functions and provide a wider range of services to meet those functions. Clients are from every cross section one can imagine and come with their own mismatched goals. Commercial banks, like Cathedral Investment Bank, provide financial services to the general public which ensure the stability and positive growth of the economy. Commercial banks also carry out the vital function of credit creation, sanctioning loans to clients while creating deposits with loan funds.

Functions of a Commercial Bank

The core functions of a commercial bank are twofold. One set of functions deals with acceptance of deposit funds from clients, in the form of fixed, savings and recurring account deposits. These deposits are held on the books/accounts of the bank and paid a specified interest rate on specified conditions. The funds can be withdrawn partially or whole at any time by clients, though some depository instruments carry penalties for early withdrawal of funds, like fixed accounts. The other set of functions deals with supply of credit facilities to the public. Whether private individuals or large corporations, credit is a necessity in the financial world today. Commercial banks provide this much needed service in the form of short and long term loans, secured and unsecured; advances such as overdraft and credit cards and bill discounting.

Services of Commercial Banks

Commercial banks provide an almost limitless number of services to the general public. Some are standardised from bank to bank, while others are designed to suit a particular client or clientele. Two quick examples are automated bank machines (ABM) for individuals and night repository services for small, medium and large businesses dealing in cash. The services offered by a commercial bank, like Cathedral Investment Bank, can be split into core services, and other ancillary financial services. The core services are as follows:

  1. Acceptance and Creation of Deposit Accounts- Commercial banks allow the public to keep their funds safe, for use when required, on the banks books. This is done through a number of deposit products. Regular savings accounts, children’s’ savings accounts, high interest savings accounts like fixed deposit accounts, business daily sales cash accounts and small associations treasury accounts are all types of deposit commercial banks will accept.
  2. Lending- Commercial banks create lines of credit for individuals and businesses. Lending can be in the form of cash disbursements like overdraft, credit cards, term loans and instant loans. Lending can also be non-cash, such as letters of credit, securities, guarantees and performance bonds. Without credit facilities the economies of most countries would go into some form of collapse, commercial banks keep the flow of cash moving throughout all sections of the economy through credit facilities.
  3. Financial Intermediary- Commercial banks, like Cathedral Investment Bank, are global partners in the world of finance. They help create linkages between the elephants of finance, like hedge funds and pension funds and small companies that need investment.
  4. Cash Management- Commercial banks help the public regulate and manage their cash reserves. Those with excess cash reserves can deposit on a variety of options, while those with excess cash needs may borrow, on terms. The public also has greater control over allocation of funds, splitting revenue into varied accounts for varied purposes.
  5. Private Equity Financing- Commercial banks find lenders to invest in any number of investment vehicles provided by the bank.
  6. Issuance of Drafts- Commercial banks issue bankers or cashier’s checks to clients, allowing for ease of payments.
  7. Payments Processing- Commercial banks perform wire transfers, internet banking and other transfers, allowing funds to be sourced/diverted from financial institutions worldwide.

Commercial banks also fulfil a number of other functions, which can be further subdivided into agency and utility functions. The agency functions of a commercial bank are:

  1. Check collection and clearing
  2. Foreign exchange transactions
  3. Processing of tax proceeds and tax returns
  4. Securities sale/purchase
  5. To facilitate payments to rent, insurance and other similar situations
  6. To provide financial consultancy services

The utility functions of a commercial bank are:

  1. Money transfer facility
  2. Merchant banking facility
  3. Provision of safety lockers for clients
  4. Issuance of travellers checks
  5. Card facilities like credit card, debit card and smart cards
  6. Act as mediators in financial dispute

Loan Types

Commercial banks, like Cathedral Investment Bank, offer varying loans to qualifying clients. Specific conditions are laid down beforehand in the loan agreement/contract regarding payment amounts, due dates and penalties. All loans from commercial banks fall under one of two headings.

  1. Secured Loans- these are loans where the client has put up an asset to serve as some form of collateral for the loan. Often in default of the loan, the lender takes possession of the collateral and may sell it in an attempt to recoup some or all of the owed funds. Typical secured loans are car loans and house loans.
  2. Unsecured Loans- These are loans where there has been no collateral whatsoever in the granting of the loan. There are no assets securing the loan and so the bank may only seek recourse from the borrower and not his assets for any funds owed. Different types of unsecured loans offered by commercial banks would be overdraft facilities, credit cards/credit card debt and corporate bonds.

Why Are Commercial Banks Important?

Commercial Banks, like Cathedral Investment Bank, play a vital role in the global economy as well as the economies of their respective countries of operations. Commercial banks keep the cash flow of an economy going, link inventors to needing clients and provide the backbone of financial services to the general public. Commercial banks are the intermediaries between global financing and local financing.

Cathedral Investment Bank and Treasury management

Cathedral Investment Bank and Global Business unit are recognised as leaders in commercial banking services. Cathedral specialises in treasury management and financial surpluses. Cathedral Private Banking is the perfect option to sit and discuss treasury management. Treasury management involves the wholesale management of a corporation’s holdings and assets, with the goal being to optimise liquidity, minimise risk and make sound financial decisions with the excess cash reserves, regarding investment for the corporation. The team at Cathedral Investment bank will expertly advise clients on real estate and property investments, business policy and tax consultation, associates and shareholders fiscal and tax saving consultancy services, investment banking and corporate finance. Cathedral Investment Bank will prepare a package that is perfectly tailored to suit the needs of client’s enterprises.

Cathedral Investment Bank and Confidentiality

As with all commercial banks, cathedral Investment bank takes the confidential nature of any and all of its client’s information very seriously. In the financial world today, with the amazing and often nefarious things technology can do, protecting client’s private information is one of the highest charges handed to a commercial bank. Identity theft, fraud and the possible lawsuits associated with this form of crime can be ruinous for all parties concerned. Cathedral Investment Bank employs in-house security, set up by expert IT specialists. All functions of Cathedral Investment Bank and its clients are completely protected from divulgence to another financial agency. Cathedral Investment Bank has expertise in all thirty five jurisdictions in which it operates and maintains confidentiality standards in every one. Only clients and authorised agents will have access to information regarding the movement on client’s accounts, and this information will be completely shielded from outside scrutiny.  At Cathedral Investment Bank, client’s confidential information is protected to the highest degree.

Cathedral Investment Bank for Commercial Enterprise

Cathedral Investment bank, Cathedral Private Banking and Cathedral Commercial Banking are the right choice for commercial banking needs. Cathedral has on the ground locations in seven different countries worldwide and operate in thirty five separate jurisdictions. The legal and human resource teams assure clients that utmost confidentiality it kept as Cathedral Bank conducts global affairs. Cathedral Investment Bank utilises the latest in cutting edge technology to provide clients with state of the art solutions to all the financial needs. Cathedral Bank matches solutions to problems and create a package that is best suited for each individual client’s needs. Come see us at Cathedral Investment Bank about the treasury management unit. With global partnerships and allied institutions, Cathedral will find the best suite of investment vehicles for excess funds.

The Art of FinTech& What It Can Do For Your Business


Whether it’s using personal finance managing apps like UK-based OnTrees Personal Finance, or shifting your cash flow to game changing Bitcoins, financial technology, or FinTech, is quickly and sharply changing the way we go about business on a massive scale.

While we’ve seen massive disrupters like Uber and AirBnB take the world by storm, it can be argued that financial technology services and apps are the true drivers of change.

According to Inc.com: “Long seen as a highly technical, highly regulated industry dominated by giant banks that resist disruption–other than the occasional global meltdown–finance is now riding an entrepreneurial wave. Demand for upstarts’ services is strong, piqued by widespread frustration with big banks; supply is growing, fueled in part by financial types itching to do something other than toil inside those same megacorporations.”

Anda report by Accenture in 2015 claimed that globally, investment in Fintech ventures tripled from $4.05 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2014. Europe was cited as the fastest growing region in the world for Fintech innovation.

Here we’ll take a look at FinTech; some of the already growing players and what financial technology as a whole can do for your business.

Cutting Process

Not everyone enjoys slogging coins in burlap sacks. In this day and age, small business customers are able – and willing – to use easy, free, cashless, contactless services. Not only does this aid in sales, add an additional branding boost, and sell goods quicker than ever, but it also cuts down on costs as services quickly become automated.  An example of these services would be Apple Pay and iZettle.

The Power of the Crowd

Do you have a great idea that needs just that little bit of backing? Does your business have its next offering on the backburner because of lack of funding? Crowdsourcing allows you to open the floor to dozens if not hundreds (and possibly even thousands!) of supporters who all share one common belief – the view that your service will make their lives easier. As Darren Westlake, CEO of Crowdcube, puts it: “Tech and the internet enables you to pitch to hundreds of thousands of people online, 24/7, 365 days a year. We wanted to make the process easier.”

Mobile is Better

Smartphone use is near ubiquitous in the UK, and FinTech start-ups are taking advantage of this benefit faster than lightspeed. Customers – and businesses – are able to check their online portfolios and accounting on the go. This provides you, as a business owner, with the power to operate in true real-time, giving you the option to make decisions when needed.

Propel Your Business Today

The rise of FinTech has opened up a world of possibilities. Businesses can offer more services than ever and for a fraction of the price of what it would have cost before. Don’t let your competitors get ahead of you by not adopting these market disrupters. Best way to go is to contact your UK based online chartered accountant and make use of his experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction.

The Car Pawn Loan Industry

What exactly is a car pawn loan and how does it work?

A car pawn loan works similar to a bank loan, without the credit check. Like a bank loan you need to provide an asset in order to secure the loan. In the case of banks, the asset is typically your house. With a car pawn loan it is of course your motor vehicle.

So how does it work?

Getting a car pawn loan is a very simple process. Locate a lender in your area, make an appointment and visit them with your motor vehicle and applicable documentation to prove ownership of the vehicle. These loans are also known as title loans as the lender will typically take control of your title until the loan amount is repaid.

The lender will assess your motor vehicle for a fair market value and offer you a cash loan based on this assessment. You will then have between thirty to sixty days to repay the loan or risk losing your motor vehicle. For an example of a reputable asset loan company visit CarPawnLoan.co.za

It is important to keep in mind that should you not be able to repay the loan in the agreed upon time frame, you must contact the lender to make alternate arrangements. Failure to do this may result in the loss of your asset. This would be the same case if you made a loan through a banking institute. Failure to repay will see the bank repossess your property to recoup the loaned amount.

When looking for a car pawn loan company, do your homework. These companies are not regulated like a bank so they may have vastly different interest rates and repayment periods. You should contact at least three before making a decision and have them compete against each other so you get the best value for money.

Dylan Sporn Reveals 3 Methods You Can Use To Balance Your Budget

Balancing your budget is something that all forward-thinking people should strive to do. But it’s also an aspect that is commonly overlooked by many. Tragically, poor spending habits and improper budgeting often lead to past due bills and negative credit reports. But, there are some methods that you can undertake to help you get back on track here. An industry icon on finances, Dylan Sporn offers some helpful tips to get your budget back on par.

Assess Your Spending

Firstly, take a look at what you are spending. These days, this is made far easier because there are spending apps that can even link directly to your banking and checking accounts. Such innovative apps help you see what you are spending by allocating your spending into different categories, so you can be more cognizant of what areas of wasteful spending you can help correct. Most are free for the basic version with low-priced premium upgrades in the app marketplace for your smartphone.

Make Compromises

The hardest, most difficult part of balancing your budget is determining where you need to make the cuts. Compromises are never easy, but as you move ahead, you’ll find that they will be a necessary part of this process. Fortunately, using applications like the aforementioned, you can more easily decide what areas you can afford to compromise in and what areas you just do not have any wiggle room with.

Track Your Progress

Seeing your progress is what will help you stick to your budgeting goals and game plan. This involves tracking it and making slight adjustments along the way so that you can get ahead. With the help of technology and some fortitude, you can resolve to budget better in the New Year and finally get ahead with your finances.

New Personal Loans Phishing Scam Warning


Image: an example of the fraudulent material being sent under the Wonga guise

A new phishing scam is being warned against after many consumers have fallen for its professional looking appearance, according to Wonga SA.

The new fraudulent email is being sent out to people offering loans under the Wonga company logo, registration number and NCR number. It claims to offer great loans and great rates, but requires an upfront payment. As a result, consumers are being urged to remain vigilant and report anything that looks suspicious.

Where have we seen this before?

It’s not just Wonga that has fallen victim to fraudsters in recent years. Many other high profile companies across the world have also been used as a face to dupe consumers. This includes HMRC, who provide regular advice on their website on recognising what’s real and what isn’t. Many of their emails claim to offer tax refunds but contain links to third party websites with the aim to take consumer details and con them out of their hard earned cash.

The Wonga Scam

The consumer emails in question claim to be from Wonga, offering fake loans along with unrealistic interest rates. The person who opens the email is asked to provide personal information and to deposit money. The consumer will obviously never receive the loan that they had been promised.

It is important to remember that Wonga would never request any payment upfront for a loan – and if you receive an email asking for such, you should disregard it and report it. Personal loans provider Wonga has set up a fraud hotline so that you can contact the company directly to discuss your concerns and report the case.

Other Signs of Fraud

There are many signs of fraudulent emails and phishing scams, but fraudsters are becoming more intelligent about how to fool consumers, so it isn’t always obvious at first. There are some good tips on TechRepublic on how to identify a phishing email. Some main points include:

  • If the company is contacting you for the first time and you haven’t had contact with this company before, it could well be a scam. Where would they have found your details?
  • You should look closely at the email address of the sender. There may be minor errors in email addresses including missing letters or a different .com extension.
  • Poor grammar and spelling is always a good sign that the email is from a fraudulent source. Professional companies don’t (usually) make such glaringly obvious mistakes.
  • It might just not look ‘right.’ This could mean that it looks suspicious in some way or that it got sent straight to your junk box by your email provider.
  • If you think that an offer is too good to be true, it probably is. You should call the company directly using its proper telephone number, found on its official website, and they will usually have a fraud line to talk you through what you can do to report the issue.

Financial Planner Marc Sporn Offers Advice on Creating A Savings Game Plan

When it comes to you and your savings, you have to think big. Think the future. Think about how retirement is going to be if you don’t start saving up now. Sometimes, though, we call can use some help in this arena. We looked to prominent financial advisor Marc Sporn for some advice. He offered up these four tips.


Assess Your Spending
Start with your spending habits, Sporn advises. What are you spending the most on and why? Are there areas that can be tailored down so that you can save more each month? Consider using a money tracker app on your smartphone so you can really get a better idea of where your money is being spent each month and what areas of wasteful spending that can be corrected.


Stop Eating Out

Eating out is one of the biggest wastes of money, says Sporn. It costs, easily, ten times the amount that a home cooked meal would run you. Sure, it’s OK to eat out every once in a while. But taper this back if you really want to save up more money and you’ll quickly notice a cash influx.


Bring Coffee, Lunch to Work

Coffee and lunch, when bought every day at work, can add up to hundreds of dollars that you are wasting each month. Instead, Sporn says, save your cash and pack a lunch for work. You’ll quickly be able to save at least $50 per week or more doing this simple thing.


Bill Yourself for Savings

The easiest way to save your money is to treat your savings like a monthly bill, Sporn explains. Bill yourself. Write a check for that savings account and deposit it each month. You’ll be surprised at how quickly this routine helps you grow your nest egg.

Marc Sporn Delivers Three Tips for Kick-Starting Your Angel Investor Campaign

If you run a start-up or are trying to get one off the ground, money can be the hardest thing to come by. But, there are some newer and less conventional methods that you can implore which may be able to help you gain the seed funding that you require. A timeless and modern approach to securing funding for your startup is found with seeking angel investors, as MarcSporn so prescribes. What follows are a few candid tips that you can use to magnetize your company for independent investor funds.

Get Your Executive Summary in Order

The first thing that you will need is your executive summary. Now this article is not intended to help you write your business plan; that’s reserved for a course in the college of your choosing. Your executive summary needs to be punchy, distinct, succinct and to the point. It should be an easy read that spans no greater than five to ten minutes. So keep that in mind.

Organize Your Existing Financials

If your company is already operating, what do your books look like? Are you hemorrhaging cash? Are you actually profiting but need some working capital to sustain operations? What’s your five-year or ten-year outlook? You will need to carefully organize your books so that you can impress any angel investor that you come into contact with.

Know Where to Look

There are many places that you can seek startup capital these days. Upstart is one place to look. But there are also newer social networks of angel investors that can be found online with a simple search, too. The goal here will be to roll your sleeves up and get your company listed in as many places as possible. After that, start fishing for investors, and if your product and concept are viable, you will ultimately get that seed funding you need.

What is an Asset Loan?

An asset loan is a cash advance based on the equity you have in an asset. The most popular form of asset loan is a car pawn loan. Essentially you take your car to your local lender and with the right paperwork you can receive a loan based on your cars assessed value. An example of such a company can be seen at CarPawnLoan.co.za

Asset loans of course are not restricted to motor vehicles. They hay include household items like furniture, art, jewelry and basically anything that can be resold to recoup the initial loaned amount.

There is of course a positive and negative side to these types of loans. The negative side is that the Asset Loan business is largely under regulated. The interest rates on these loans may differ from 10% to 30% depending on the company you use. The old term “loan shark” comes to mind when thinking of many of these businesses. You also of course run the risk of losing your asset should you miss payment. Although this is not that different from what a bank would do to you when using your house for collateral.

The up side of an asset loan is obviously fast access to cash with no need for credit or background checks. Taking an asset loan and even defaulting on one also does not affect your credit score. Oftentimes you can be in and out with your cash in twenty to thirty minutes. This is one of the main reasons these types of loans have become so popular.

As with any loan from any institution it is always advisable to compare lenders, and this cannot be stressed more in the asset loan niche. A quick Google search will lead you to local lenders and we recommend contacting them before visiting them to ascertain repayment periods and interest rates. This can save you big on your overall repayment and help avoid nightmare situations with the wrong lender.

Lastly bare in mind that an asset loan is typically a thirty to sixty loan, so if you are going to miss your repayment date, contact the lender before hand to make an alternate arrangement or you will kiss your asset goodbye, so to speak.

How Asset Loans Work

Asset loans are similar to bank loans in that you have to provide security to the lender in the form of an asset, before the loan is given to you. Banks typically require equity in real estate as this is the easiest type of asset to liquidate.

Asset based lenders on the other hand will accept anything of value. This is most typically a car as it is normally the asset with the most value to the person applying for the loan. An example of an asset loan company specializing in car based loans is Car Pawn Loan. Whilst these lenders prefer motor vehicles as they can also quickly sell them to recover any unpaid debts, they will also accept jewelry, art, watercraft and memorabilia.

Asset loans are quick and easy to get as the lender will take possession of the asset until the loan is paid back in full. There are also no lengthy background or credit checks as there are with banks. The downside of course is an increased interest rate and often short loan periods, although that can be negotiated with the lender.

Securing a cash loan based on the equity of your asset is as easy as taking the asset to your local lender, which you can find with a quick Google search. The lender will assess the asset and make you a cash offer based on this. The entire process takes no more than 30 minutes.

Should you not be able to repay the cash loan within the agreed upon period, you must contact the lender to make a new arrangement or you will risk losing your asset. The lender of course needs to recover their outlay and typically don’t hesitate when selling assets. On the flip side any reputable lender will negotiate a new agreement with enough lead time.

In summary Bank loans carry less interest on the loaned sum but asset based loans may be better if you are in need of cash fast. Always research the lending company online as interest rates can vary greatly from company to company.

How To Keep Your Used Or Second-Hand Commercial Truck In Good Condition

If you have bought a commercial truck that is used or second-hand, maintaining it requires time and effort on your part to keep it fit for work for as long as possible. Before you complete the purchase, make sure you understand how to maintain that particular truck.

Proper care and preventive measures ensure higher performance levels and a prolonged life of your vehicle. To achieve that make a point of:

  • Scheduling a regular check-up
  • Keeping a record of the dates on which the truck was fully refurbished or serviced
  • Checking how the engine and other such systems work before the truck is driven out of the garage

Buying a used vehicle can be demanding for you if you have humble capital to start with. In this regard, Go Capital semi- truck financing may prove to be a big-time help and support.

There are many instances when people buy a used truck through several means of leasing or financing, but one thing is for sure – the majority of the truck parts are all either used or have been replaced.

What to check in detail

Make it a habit to check these things in your used truck on a regular basis:

  • Look for any leakage from the radiator
  • Tighten the cap of the radiator from time to time
  • Regularly inspect the levels of coolant
  • Observe any sign of wear that may have appeared
  • Keep a closer eye on the levels of oil
  • Are the brakes working well?
  • Is the battery working well?
  • Observe any sort of irritating sound coming from the engine
  • Is the accelerator working well?
  • How is the windshield wiper?

A thorough inspection of the mentioned parts and regular repairs may keep your truck in excellent condition for long.

Interior and exterior

Keep the interior tidy and neat. Always try to adjust the driver’s seat at the correct distance, or suggest your driver to adjust it in order to be able to reach the brake, accelerator and clutch easily.

While inspecting the exterior, check the air pressure in the tires. Check the light in the headlights and whether the bulbs are working well or not. Make sure that the license plates and the mud guard are all intact and in place.

Ask for guidelines

Remember that no one knows the baby better than the mother. Hence, seek advice from the manufacturers of the truck in terms of how to maintain it. For example, if the truck is very old and is really worn and torn, then there is a very high probability of the oil leaking from time to time. If you happen to experience anything like this, keep it inspected to avoid emergency calls.

Diligently remembering the schedules of repairs and maintenance services may prevent the engine from breaking down every now and then. This way, you may not only save excess expenditure, but your time as well.

Steps To Become A Successful Trucking Business Owner

For a trucking business to succeed, dedication and hard work are necessary. Moreover, you need to be disciplined to make the right decision to survive in this incredibly competitive sector. Many great truckers try their luck in this business, but fail because they don’t have enough knowledge about how to manage a trucking business. Managing and developing a trucking business requires more knowledge and skill than choosing a route and driving a truck.

  1. Get the right equipment

Picking the right equipment is necessary for the success of your company. Obviously, it is an extremely expensive decision but after selecting the necessary equipment, you have to choose whether to buy or lease the equipment. You will find several owner-operator financing options which are often confusing for newcomers.

Purchasing equipment on a loan is simple. You pay a percentage upfront and the rest should be paid at regular predetermined intervals, but still you own the equipment. After making the last payment, this equipment is completely yours.

Leasing equipment is a bit more complex. Leasing is actually paying a monthly “rent” to be able to use the equipment. The no credit check semi truck financing at Go Capital can be helpful for those with not so good credit scores.

Buying or leasing depends on your existing situation. Each alternative has its individual pros and cons. An incorrect choice can be expensive and possibly derail your business.

  1. Obtain the best customers

New owner-operators get their initial shipping customers through load boards. A load board is a freight matching service that connects shippers and carriers. Load boards are not worthwhile in the long run because you earn little profit and they provide only one-off loads. Thus, you need to look for new customers often.

It is wise to use load boards in the initial stages and slowly build your personal customer base.

  1. While bidding well, be familiar with your expenses

Bid competitively but know your expenses like truck and trailer payments, labor cost, fuel expense, and maintenance and truck repairs. Factor the costs into the bids so that you are able to make some profit.

  1. Manage the back office strategically

Administering a successful trucking company requires an efficient back office strategy. Delivering loads includes plenty of communication and paperwork. The kind of back office will depend on the size of your business.

In addition, effective operative processes are vital for business growth. A small fleet and a single truck cannot be managed alike. Take advice from experienced truckers and develop efficient processes.

  1. Manage cash flow

Many new trucking company owners experience cash flow issues. It is because shippers make payments within a couple of months after load delivery. However, truckers have to pay the drivers, repairs and fuel right away. A delayed payment creates issues if there is no sufficient cash reserve.

Your cash flow gets blocked and you are not capable to accept more load delivery. Freight factoring is the best solution for improving cash flow. A freight factoring company pays for the load instantly and you do not have to wait for months. Later they receive the payment from the shipper. In this way you can cover the expenses and accept new loads.

The Beginners Guide To Services (Finding The Starting Point)

Why You Need a Divorce Lawyer and How to Find One When you are in a bad marriage, sometimes divorce can be the sensible option. The divorce process, however can be quite complicated and incredibly stressful. The divorce process tends to get incredibly complicated in legal matters which can involve child custody, property issues, alimony, and child support, among other issues. It can be incredibly helpful to you to allow a divorce lawyer to deal with these decisions and the legal complexities, especially in the event that the other party is not being cooperative in making these decisions. It is important you know where to look and how to find the right divorce lawyer for your case. Follow these tips to help you find the best divorce lawyer for your case. It is important that your divorce lawyer has the proper experience to handle your case. Do not just base experience on the number of years the attorney has been practicing law. There are a number of things that constitute an experienced divorce lawyer. Make sure your lawyer is an expert in family law. Your divorce lawyer should specialize in all areas of family law and legal matters and should be able to provide you with quality legal counsel on these matters. They should give you advice on the legal procedures that are coming up and how you should approach them. So, where can you find a good divorce lawyer? Word of mouth is probably the best way to find a good divorce attorney. There are also many options via internet searches, and lawyer referral services to help you find a qualified divorce lawyer. You can also utilize the state bar association to find a divorce lawyer appointed through the government.
Interesting Research on Businesses – Things You Probably Never Knew
When you have your first consultation, this is an incredibly important time to check the credentials of the divorce lawyer, and ask them about their experience before you sign the contract. Make sure you use the consultation to also gather references from the divorce attorney so you can check their success rate on your own.
If You Read One Article About Professionals, Read This One
Ask any potential divorce lawyer how many cases they are currently working with before you hire them. It is important to ensure that their case load is not too high, as you do not want to get less than quality service. Find out how they charge their fees before you hire them to work for you. Some things that could be included here are a consultation fee, a case filing feel and the way they will charge you these fees. Make sure you are getting what you are entitled to in this situation by hiring the best divorce attorney for your case.

Tips on getting a home loan

Building a home is a big responsibility. It is also a task of a lifetime. It is most likely that most of us are only going to build one home in our entire life. As it is such an important task, we all try to make it as successful as possible. Building home requires a lot of money. We all keep on saving in ever possible way so that we can build the home of our dream. But when we start building it, there is a time when we realize that the savings are not enough! We will require more money for it! In such a case we have to look out for a home loan. In this article, we will provide you some tips that will advice you on how to get home loans quickly and easily.

If this is the first time that you are looking out for any loan then you should have lots of questions in your mind. If you already have experience with it, then you may not have that many question, but in that case, you may face other times of problems like issues with approval of loan due to your credit history. However, in order to get a loan for home, you need to follow a certain procedure.

To increase the chances of getting approval of home loans, one should prepare all the necessary documents that they are asked for. This would include income certificate, credit history record, personal identification documents etc. To get the complete list of the documents that are required to be arranged, you have to contact the creditor and follow the instructions provided. Also remember to fill the application form properly. All these little things can cost you heavily; so be careful with them.

You should also pay attention to the interest rate and other terms and conditions of the loan. Different creditors will have different rates of interest and there terms of payment might also be different from each other. So be smart and sensible and spend some time to find out which creditor offers you best home loans before you make the final decision.

Home loans can surely help you in task of building your dream home. At the same time ,you should also understand that you will require to pay an interest for them. So, you should be careful with them and only take the amount of loan that is necessary. Once you have taken the loan, it is your responsibility to pay its instalments on time. Once you have paid it off in full, then the home is all yours and life is there for you to enjoy!

This post was meant to educate you about the thing s that you have to keep in mind before taking a loan in general. In case you have any question regarding this topic, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope that this post was helpful for you. All the best for your future endeavours!

Author Bio: Wendell Cobb acts as a reviewer for a range of internet publications, who covers a mix of personal finance subjects typified by Ottawa bad credit mortgage and whatever else is related. A proud explorer of digital community and a true connoisseur of anything of significance to the personal finance.

5 Types of Credit Card And Their Features Explained

Plastic money has now become part of our daily life. Most of us prefer to use credit card over cash for our regular transactions in life due to various reasons. Using these cards for regular transactions will offer time to pay your debt and also benefit you with the reward points for your spending.  There are different credit cards available in the market.

Secured card

These cards are issued to the people with no credit history and people with bad credit history. Secured cards are good option when you want to establish credit history or repair your bad credit history. These cards can turn to be a good option even when your child is on summer camps. He will enjoy the facility of using plastic money rather than carrying cash. To fetch these secured credit cards, you have to deposit certain amount of cashwith the company issuing the card. Your spending with the card is limited to a percentage higher or lower than the amount deposited.  You can either choose to pay off loan within the credit card cycle or carry the balance to the next month by paying the minimum amount due. However, high APR charges will be levied on the balance.

Unsecured cards

These are most popular type of credit cards available in the market. You will enjoy credit limit from the company either based on your credit history of income generation capacity. You can make any number of transactions during the billing cycle without exceeding credit limit. Pay-out can be made completely at the end of the billing cycle or you can choose to pay minimum due to keep the credit rating unaffected but, you have to bear with the APR charges for the balance in the card.  With these cards, you will enjoy great purchasing power that you may not have at the point of sale.

Business Cards

Business cards are issued to the business owner on the company’s name. Business owner can perform all business transactions without exceeding the issued credit limit. The credit limit is decided based on the income generation capacity of the business. The best feature of these business credit cards is multiple cards. Unlike general one, you can have multiple cards on the single card and take the assistance of your employees in making transactions. To get new card with lots of featuers. you can check visit here www.gemvisa.co.nz/credit-card-features/ These cards will have higher spending limits to allow business the money they need in capital improvements. You can also earn reward points and offset your expenses.

Charge card

As the name goes, these cards don’t have any credit limits. They are best choice for the people who have large spending in month and wanted to pay all of them at the end of the month.  You will not have any interest rate while using these cards because the balance has to be paid off in full at the end of each month.

Cash back cards

These cards will be your best bet when you want to receive something on each transaction you make with the card.  These cards offer special incentive. On each transaction you make with the card, you will either receive cash back or reward points, air miles or number of other perks.

I Know Exactly Which Site I Am Going to Buy from This Month

I am a big fan of online shopping, and I especially love Amazon. I remember years ago when the site opened and they only sold books. Over the years, I have watched as they have begun selling so many more things. It is nice because it means you do not have to go to many different sites to make many different orders. Instead you can get most or all of your shopping in one simple place. I find it to be genius. You can be sure that I am paying attention to the Amazon Cyber Monday deals going on this year.

I have never really gotten into the big shopping day that comes on the 26th of the next month. I do not like long lines and big crowds.